About Us!

Professor T.K. the Chemist is a scientist and educator who is passionate about the future of science education.  She wants to take the fear out of what most perceive science to be and replace that with confidence.  As a TWO TIME AWARD WINNING veteran educator with more than 30 years of combined educational and teaching experience while empowering students, she knows how to captivate and mesmerize audiences of all ages!  MYGEMS has been featured in various news articles.  Professor T.K. the Chemist has also produced and hosted her own weekly science TV show on a local cable access station.  She has recently added to her EDUCATIONAL HAT an On-Air Radio Personality for her show the"More than Just Science Show", which airs every Saturday at 1pm, EST on Spreaker.com.


During her off time, Professor T.K. the Chemist trade the educator hat for the coach hat!  Yes, Professor T.K. the Chemist is also a Certified Running Coach.  She will be providing some GREAT training plans and more on this channel too!  Stay tuned!  In the meantime, click the logo below or check her out at www.kickinazphaltwithsole.com.