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MYGEMS Mind Boggler Kit

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MYGEMS Mind Boggler Kit

This kit is great for any child that wants to learn how to read minds and complete mind-blogging tasks!  You will be able to solve all of these mysteries with the supplies inside the kit. 

You don't need state of the art equipment to hypothesize and test your theories; everything you need comes in this simple kit. Your child will learn how to use the scientific method to formulate a hypothesis and carry out their own experimentation. Step-by-step instructions for all 5 experiments with a detailed science guide with explanations behind the experiments.  The results are endless!  Great for kids 8 and above with adult supervision.


Inside the kit, you’ll receive:

  • A Digital Workbook with the experiments
  • 1 Salt Tube
  • 1 Marble Tube
  • 2 Additional Test Tubes for more science experiments
  • 5 Japanese Yen Coins
  • 1 small pan
  • 1 pipette
  • 1 magic spoon
  • 1 Mind Reader Card
  • A deck of Mind Reader Cards for numbers 1-60
  • The scenarios are ENDLESS and can be created into a science fair project!

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