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I Got Royalty inside my DNA!

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I Got Royalty inside my DNA!


This kit is the ideal STEM gift for your budding scientists.  Your child will learn about the basic building blocks of life with this kit.  They will be able to learn fun facts about DNA while solving the scientific mysteries within the kit.  There is an Instructional Workbook for the child to learn how to extract DNA from their own cheek cells as well as other items, such as fruits and veggies.  They will be able to spool and freeze their DNA samples inside their very own scientific test tubes.  Perfect for kids 8 and up.


What's included in the kit:

  • *Digital Workbook with Bonus Activities
  • Lysis Solution
  • 2- 1 oz disposable paper cup
  • Toothpicks
  • 2 test tubes with rack holder
  • Microcentrifuge pendant tube for DNA sample

*The digital workbook of these activities will be available once the kit is shipped. 

Needed but not included:

  • Ethanol
  • Gatorade or salt water
  • Marker or labels for test tubes

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