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Bacteria Investigation Kit

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Bacteria Investigation Kit


This kit is great for any child that wants to learn where and how bacteria grows.  You will be able to swab many items like a scientist and watch it grow inside your petri dish.  You will also be able to see bacteria on your hands with the aid of a miniature UV light.  Record your results and share them on your next science fair project.  The results are endless!  Great for kids 8 and above with adult supervision.


Investigate if the following scenarios will produce bacteria: 

  • How long do bacteria live on a surface?
  • Do antibacterial soaps effectively kill bacteria?
  • Where are the most bacteria in your school or home?
  • Which door handle in your home or school has the most bacteria?
  • Does toothpaste kill bacteria in your mouth?
  • Is money full of bacteria?
  • Do dark socks create more bacteria in a shoe than white socks?
  •  Which surface does cleaner kill the most bacteria?
  •  Is a dogs mouth cleaner than a humans mouth?
  •  Is your parent’s steering wheel caked up with bacteria?
  •  How dirty is your cell phone?
  •  How dirty is your bedroom floor?
  •  How clean is your lunchbox?
  •  The scenarios are ENDLESS!



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